About WilmingtonBiz Data


People read Greater Wilmington Business Journal to keep up with the latest happenings, research organizations and find leads — tidbits of information that lead to new business opportunities. This information is found in stories, lists of recently created companies, people in new positions and businesses launching new projects.

The Business Journal created two offerings to help with this research and finding leads:

WilmingtonBiz Data is our region’s business directory, pulling together a wealth of information on local companies and other organizations. Each organization has its own page that includes Business Journal stories where they’re mentioned, their ranking on lists, public records, press releases, social media posts and more.

WilmingtonBiz Data Pro is a subscription service to get timely updates on potential business leads, including new corporations, people in new positions, contracts up for bid, press release roundups, real estate transactions and building permits. This information is served up in weekly emails and a searchable website so subscribers can easily sift through the latest leads to find the ones most valuable to their organization. Click here to subscribe to this service.